Ally Fins Review

Ally Fins Review

Ally fins are a newer breed of swim fin. Their origin of creation comes from 662 bodyboard shop. They take many of the successul features of Churchill fins and have added new features of their own.

The fin shape and heel are identical to Churchill with the exception of the extra hump in the fin arc and the lowered drainage hole.

  • Curved ankle strap decreasing irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball. Improves comfort.
  • Stiff blade offers increased acceleration and super fast take-offs making it easier to catch waves or to gain maximum thrust when swimming.
  • ​Curved ankle strap decreasing irritation and chance of ulcers on the ankle ball. Improves comfort.
  • ​Raised rails channeling water in a uniform direction enhancing kicking power.
  • ​Soft foot pocket combined with a stiff blade provide the perfect combination of comfort and power.
  • ​A bat wing type blade for the maximum surface area coverage providing the most thrust possible with each kick.
  • Recessed grip pattern at the bottom of foot pocket to provide ample traction necessary for dropknee bodyboarding and walking on reef, rock and other slippery surfaces.
  • ​Breather hole located in the ideal position at the bottom of the foot pocket for smooth drainage flow allowing sand, peddles and other debris to circulate out with ease.
  • ​Two stabilization rods used to add strength, increase stiffness and help maintain water flow for maximum thrust, control and power.
  • Rail angles tested by professional swimmer s, bodyboarders, and bodysurfers for the best water flow and directional turning.


I think this is a great fin and I would recommend trying it out. The only thing I am not huge on is the bat wing like fin arc. I prefer the full arc because it grips better and overs more control and because it looks way cooler!

All-in-all though this is an all around good fin and worth you giving it a shot.

There is only one fin model but many colors as shown below.

Ally Fins Review

If you are interested in getting these fins, you can buy them here.