5 Tips for Choosing the Best Bodyboarding Fins for You

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Throughout a frustrating year marked by isolation and restrictions, sports became one of the most popular ways to blow off steam and exercise freedom through motion. One of the freest, most thrilling yet calming sports is bodyboarding. Bodyboarders execute unbelievable stunts and ride waves of adrenaline while cementing a peaceful connection to the natural world. 

Another great thing about bodyboarding is that you don’t need a pricey membership to take part. The ocean is there for everybody, 24/7, and there are many ways to learn the basics. It’s not hard to find bodyboard training at a budget price.

Before you get started, you need a good pair of bodyboarding fins, sometimes called bodyboard flippers.

Brushing up on gear basics is a good idea whether you’re a newbie or already acquainted with the sport. Flippers that fit your feet improve your performance and keep you safe in the water. Check out these pro tips on picking out fins for bodyboarding. 

1. Get Your Shoe Measurement and Compare

The first step to getting the best bodyboard fins for you is making sure that you know what size to buy.

Getting the wrong size of flippers can lead to disaster. If your fins are too small, you could suffer irritation and pain that throws you out of the zone. If they’re too big, they might slip right off your feet, making them pretty much useless.

In the best case, getting the wrong bodyboard fins is a waste of money and messes with your game. In the worst case, bodyboard fins that don’t fit could put you in dangerous situations.

Start the process with your foot and shoe size. Don’t assume you know what your size is—Take measurements to be sure. 

Once you have the measurements, match them with a bodyboard fins size chart to find the flippers you need.

2. Figure Out How Well Your Bodyboarding Fins Float

If you’re used to scuba diving and have scuba flippers, this step might seem confusing. Bodyboarders need fins that float: The goal is to stay at the surface. You also don’t want your flippers to sink if a gnarly wave pulls them off your feet.

As this need is something all bodyboarders can relate to, buoyancy is a common feature. Double-check the fins before buying and read reviews for a better idea, but you won’t stress too much over this feature.

3. Pick the Right Level of Firmness

Experienced bodyboarders often reach for powerful fins. If max power is your goal, firm fins are the way to go. They help you react to sudden changes and stay on the water for longer.

Starstruck newbies eyeing pro-quality flippers should think again. While firm fins make for faster response time, they also make swimming harder. If you’re not used to the bodyboarding experience, start with a softer pair. Fast reactions might make doing incredible tricks easier, but be honest with yourself if you have a long way to go before reaching that stage.

Those who aren’t sure of the firmness they prefer can get clarity by testing a few pairs out. You could borrow some from a friend or rent from a surf shop before making your purchase.

4. Choose Fins That Last

When you’re out bodyboarding, the last thing you need is for your fins to crack or break into pieces You need fins that last—but finding them is easier said than done. How do you know whether your purchase will last when you haven’t yet hit the water?

Check a couple of key things to make sure your bodyboard flippers stay with you for a long, long time.

First, search for reviews from other bodyboarders to see if they’re notorious for breaking. Then read about the company, their refund/replacement policy, and the warranty on the specific fins you’re researching. 

You hope your fins stay in good shape for a very long time, but having a guarantee that backs them up is still wise. Companies that offer guarantees tend to make higher-quality flippers anyway. If their products broke all the time, they’d go broke refunding unhappy customers!

5. Pick the Proper Flipper Shape

When you’re a beginner, you should stick to the above steps to get the basics down. Most folks don’t wear the same pair of fins forever and others grow a collection for the best fin performance in different conditions. Here’s some more information for advanced bodyboarders and beginners who want to take it to the next level:

The two basic categories of bodyboarding flipper shapes are asymmetrical and symmetrical.

Asymmetrical fins tend to resemble a dolphin’s tail. The majority of bodyboarders use asymmetrical fins. Most beginners start with this fin design as they’re the top choice among everyone.

The less common bodyboard flipper design is symmetrical. While a smaller percentage of bodyboarders use them, they work every bit as well as asymmetrical fins do. Bodyboarders with joint pain tend to prefer symmetrical flippers.

Past these basic categories, different models have small variations that manufacturers say set them apart. Reading lots of bodyboarding fin reviews helps you learn a little about this. At the end of the day, though, you won’t know what wearing a pair of flippers feels like until you bodyboard with them on.

Don’t stress over the little differences between fins if you’re starting your bodyboarding career. Gaining experience is the only way to learn how they affect your performance. If you obsess over fin shape before honing the basic skills, you’ll never succeed in bodyboarding.

If you stick with the sport, you’ll try different fins over the years before landing on the design you like best.

Get the Bodyboarding Gear You Need

These tips on picking out bodyboarding fins give you the best chances of having a good time on the waves. A proper pair of flippers help you improve your technique and do impressive things, too.

When you’re ready to get your hands on a new pair of fins, a bodyboard, or other water gear, come to Churchill Fins Review. You’ll find what you need to succeed in bodyboarding and other water activities. Get started by taking a peek at these top fins.

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