These Are the Most Impressive Benefits of Bodyboarding

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Tired of your standard gym routine? Looking for a new, exciting form of exercise to improve your fitness? If you answered yes, it’s time to try bodyboarding!

It’s the perfect combination of cardiovascular and strength training. Best of all – it’s fun! With very little equipment you can get started with your new favorite outdoor activity.

Keep reading to learn about bodyboarding and all the health and fitness benefits it has to offer!

What is Bodyboarding?

Let’s start with the basics – bodyboarding is a water sport in which you ride waves while laying flat on a bodyboard. While using the momentum of the wave, the rider has to paddle and kick using swimming fins.

Once the ride picks up the rider they are transported all the way to shore. Then it’s time to paddle out and start all over again!

Bodyboarding is a competitive sport but can also be a great leisure activity. Or it can replace your old, boring workouts on land. You don’t need any experience to try it and it’s a fun activity to do alone or with friends. Whenever you are bodyboarding make sure there is a lifeguard on duty or someone watching you.

Once you have your bodyboard, a bodyboarding wetsuit, and fins, you are ready to hit the waves! Keep reading to learn all the health and fitness benefits of this exciting water sport.

Health Benefits

Current guidelines suggest that adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. What better way to get your heart rate up and build muscle than by climbing on a bodyboard! This is one of the best outdoor activities you can do for your physical and mental well-being.

Below is a list of the health and fitness benefits you can gain when you start bodyboarding. You’ll be searching for great beaches near you in no time!

Core Strength

Even when laying with your stomach flat on the bodyboard you need to use your core muscles to stay on the board and ride each wave. Your core muscles include all the muscles that make up your “trunk” including the abdominals, obliques, back muscles, and even your glutes.

Maintaining core strength helps you stabilize your body. Those muscles support your frame which allows you to move in every direction. Good core strength also supports balance and posture.

If you’re looking to build stronger core muscles but are sick of doing crunches, try bodyboarding! You’ll be surprised how many big and small core muscles you use during this activity.

Reduce Stress

Did you know that 77% of Americans report having physical symptoms because of their stress? Stress can have a serious negative effect on our physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise can help reduce stress by increasing the level of serotonin in the body – also known as the happiness chemical.

Bodyboarding has the added benefit of being a watersport. People are naturally more relaxed and less stressed when near or in the water. So if you are looking for a way to decompress, improve your mood, and get fit all at the same time it’s time you learned how to bodyboard!

Muscle Building

It’s not just the core that’s working when you are bodyboarding – it’s your upper body too! When paddling you have to use your chest, biceps, triceps, and back muscles. Paddling into the waves is a large part of the sport of bodyboarding, so you’ll get plenty of reps in if you want to build upper body muscles.

You don’t need dumbbells or a home gym to get larger or leaner muscle – all you need is your body weight and a place to bodyboard. And the best part of this workout is that it’s fun, so you won’t be thinking about how fatigued your muscles are. You can get fit and have a blast!

Cardiovascular Training

When you think of cardiovascular training you probably think of running, biking, or burpees. But there are great cardio workouts in the water without the same stress on your joints. Bodyboarding requires a level of cardiovascular fitness that many people overlook.

Paddling, kicking, and swimming are all activities that will increase your heart rate and train your cardiovascular system to get stronger. The first time you try bodyboarding you might feel out of breath quickly. But the more times you practice, the easier it will get!

Burn Calories

One of the most rewarding benefits of bodyboarding is the serious calorie burn! An hour of bodyboarding can help you burn up to 400 calories! The exact calorie burn will depend on your body size and the level of effort you put into the activity.

If you are trying to lose weight but you don’t like traditional forms of exercise, you should try bodyboarding. It feels more like playing than it does working out! Add this to a healthy diet and you can start to see the weight loss results you’ve been looking for.

Improve Focus and Patience

Being good at bodyboarding requires focus. It has a meditative quality to it too. If you are a person that struggles with focus in your daily life, you can work on this skill using bodyboarding.

Focusing on the waves, your body, and the motion requires patience too. Waiting on the right wave gives you time to forget your worries and your to-do list and focus on the activity. In this way, bodyboarding supports mental health too.

Start Bodyboarding Today!

Ready to give bodyboarding a try? Great! Get ready for one of the most fun workouts you’ve ever done. It’s a great workout for people of any age and you don’t need any experience to get started.

Remember to be safe when bodyboarding – make sure there is someone watching you. Also, make sure you have the right equipment before you get started

If you’re looking for bodyboarding equipment essentials, check out our bodyboard guide for more information. 

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